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Health and fitness is a vast label which means something different to each individual. We all have our own aspirations and we need to start somewhere, but where is that place? Bear Fit provides a variety of options to give you professional advice, guidance, motivation, and education so that you can achieve your goal. The skills and knowledge you develop during your training will give you the confidence to continue independently training to maintain, of further progress, your achievements.

Bear Fit specialises in both online and ‘in-person’ personal trining to help you achieve any or all of the following; improve your general fitness & wellbeing, reduce body fat, and gain strength and/or muscle mass. From carefully created independent online training packages, accessed through the ‘Bear Fit App’, to 1 on 1 in-person sessions, or general nutrition advice to fully personalised nutrition and macro plans, we have you covered to make your transformation as easy as possible. So what are you waiting for…

Be fit – be bear fit!

Bear Fit

Bear Fit provides personal training packages that has something to suit everyone, no matter where your starting point may be. From online packages to in-person one on one training; we are able to develop your training and assist you achieve your goals. The all new ‘Bear Fit App’ makes it simple to track your progress. With training packages from a little as £15 a week there’s never been a better time to start your fitness journey.

Online training packages

Initial fitness assessment

Personalised Training Plans

weekly check-ins

Progress tracking

nutrition advice

one to one tuition

access to the Bear Fit App

Bear Fuel

Nutrition is often overlooked when it comes to fitness training. However, failing to correctly fuel your body can completely undermine even your best training efforts, leaving you with only limited success. Bear Fuel can alleviate the guesswork by creating a fully personalised nutrition plan that will enhance your results and help achieve your success even quicker.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

macro nutrient targets

RECIPE ideas

Optional intolerance testing

Supplement assessment and advice

minor ailment assessment caused by nutrient DEFICIENCIES

‘mix & match’ meal plans allow total control over meal choices

intolerance testing

The majority of the population suffer from some form of food intolerance with effects varying from minor to severe in some cases. As most people are unaware of what they are intolerant to, they persevere with the side effects certain foods give them. Identifying which foods you are intolerant to using an elimination diet can be a lengthy frustrating process. An intolerance test can identify your intolerances without the guess work and can lead to a more comfortable life within a few short weeks.

results within days

test against over 200 food groups

home testing kit thats simple to administer

guidance on how to cut foods your intolerant to

client Reviews

I love getting positive feedback from clients, especially when they have achieved their goals. It is so satisfying to know that I have helped improve their fitness, motivation, confidence, eating habits, overall mood, the list goes on. Read the reviews below to gain an insight of how it feels to be apart of team Bear Fit…

First pt session just completed and for a complete lazy bones I really enjoyed it! Sarah is great, patient and makes exercise fun!! completely trust Sarah to get me to be both physically and mentally well in the future. cannot recommend sarah highly enough.

Jennie Shortreed

Sarah is incredible at what she does. I’ve spent 4 months (so far) training twice a week and have lost inches and completely changed shape. I had to have my wedding dress reduced two dress sizes and I’ve never felt better. I can’t thank you enough Sarah and I can’t wait to continue the journey! ?

Laura Newby

Sarah has an amazing ability to make you believe you can which gives you belief in yourself. Loving our sessions and challenging myself in between.





Sarah Moore

Before I started with Sarah I always hated going to the gym! I’ve been having 1 session a week and I can honestly say I feel so much better already. I can’t believe the difference it has made in such a short space of time. Now I’ve seen what’s possible in 6 weeks, I’m excited to book my next 6 seasons?

Natalie Haugh

Progress Pictures

A lot of people get hung up on this but my biggest advice is to forget the what the scales say! Who cares how much you weigh if you’re transforming your body shape and fitting back into clothes without them being tight. A lot of factors can effect your weight and this can often be demoralising if isn’t going as you’d like; however progress pictures will show you what the scales don’t, your results. Check out the selection of photos below from my clients and the amazing progress they have all made…

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