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Personalised Online Training

Working out in a gym isn’t for everyone. For a variety of reasons some people prefer to workout in the comfort of their own homes; especially since lock down. Wanting to help people be able to receive personalised training at home, i began developing the ‘Bear Fit App’.

The easy to use app can be downloaded to any smartphone or internet enabled tablet. The best thing is the app allows you to have the best of both worlds and can be used at home, in the gym or a combination of both.

What ever your fitness goal may be, the Bear Fit App will help you achieve it! With personalised training packages tailored around your abilities, current fitness levels and ultimate goals, it won’t be long before you’re seeing the results you’ve always wanted. 

Now you can have personalised training direct to your phone and workout anywhere!

access to the app


Per week

What you get

Personally tailored Training Plans specific to your goals and abilities

ability to view workouts, & to log and track progress (weights / reps)

video tutorials demonstrating how to correctly execute exercises to avoid injury

Optional food tracking with weekly reviews to help you achieve your targets.

healthy Recipe ideas to enhance your workouts

Help in setting realistic goals with frequent check-ins

seaemlessly pair with other 3rd party apps such as ‘MyFitnesspal’, FITBIT, & Apple Watch

In-app Messaging facility to ask any questions you may have.

privately Log progress pictures & biometrics to see your progress

The app

The easy to use design ensures everyone can use it, no matter how technically minded YOU are.

Home screen with nutrition goals and daily progress section.

Start up screen when launching the app.

Private Progress pictures and imported data from 3rd party apps such as apple watch or fitbit.

in built Calendar with completed and up coming workouts.

Included PDF’s such as the bear fuel nutrition document.

daily macro targets specific to your goals and needs.

fully personalised workouts specific to your goals and requirements (i.e. injuries).

workout exercises, rep ranges and a list of any equipment required.

3rd party apps that can be paired to the app to import and collate the data.

An example of the tutorial videos which provide instructions on how to safely perform each exercise.

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