Narinder’s Story

Lorisian testing by BEAR FIT

“Since cutting out the 18 ingredients I discovered I was intolerant to, my IBS symptoms are finally under control and I feel healthier and happier.”

For several years, Narinder Panesar endured headaches, digestive problems, IBS, bloating and diarrhoea. She admits she struggled to cope with the emotional and physical impact of living with such a debilitating, painful and often embarrassing condition. “My symptoms caused a lot of stress and anxiety and affected my ability to perform to the best of my ability,” recalls Narinder, 54, who lives in Birmingham and works as a counsellor.

Although she was determined to get on with her life, Narinder admits every day was a struggle. She found some respite with aloe vera juice, which she still takes, as she says it helped ease her IBS symptoms. But despite taking painkillers, her headaches increased in frequency, so she was desperate to try other remedies. One day, her clinical supervisor at work suggested she took a food intolerancetest, recommending Lorisian. The process, which involves sending a finger prick blood sample to the company’s laboratories to be analysed for reactions to up to 158 food and drink ingredients, revealed that Narinder was intolerant to 18 items, including sunflower seeds, eggs, yeast, hazelnuts, lentils and soya bean.

Having a sensitivity to so many ingredients can be overwhelming, especially as Narinder had to eliminate them all from her diet and replace them with alternatives. But she felt more relaxed after she had a consultation with one of Lorisian’s Nutritional Therapists, who advised her on free-from products and how to shop for her new eating plan.

Although it wasn’t easy embarking on a new diet, Narinder was set on persevering. “It took me a few weeks to adjust and find alternative foods, but after three weeks, I started to see an improvement in my symptoms and overall health.”Once her digestive problems and headaches started to clear up, the difference was eye-opening. “I now am able to think more clearly and not worry about how I am going to cope during the day with my responsibilities.”

Since taking the test, Narinder acknowledges how much better her life is. “I now can occasionally eat from the food groups and be OK. However, my symptoms return if I overindulge in any that I am intolerant to. Overall, I feel healthier and have been able to take up exercise as I have more energy. I am more in control of my life and feel healthier and happier.”

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